What NOT to photograph for stock

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What NOT to photograph for stock

Post by VatiKaki on 18th October 2008, 22:05

There are certain objects or constructions that are not accepted by most micro-stock agencies due to copyright or trademark issues. I will list all the ones I know of here - if you know of any others please let us know here.

  • Coca-Cola bottles (the shape of the bottle)
  • The Eiffel Tower at night (the light-show is trademarked)
  • London Eye if it is the main subject of your picture (you can have it as part of a picture but it should not be the main feature)
  • Anything from Disney, constructions and characters
  • Anything with the Queen of England on it, especially currency (most other currencies are OK to photograph)

We will keep this list updated with any new items/constructions as we hear about it.

Remember to remove ALL brands, trademarks, logos or whatever from any item that you photograph and intend to use for stock. Also keep in mind that you need a model release for any recognizable person in your photo. Send an email to vatikaki1@gmail.com for a personalized model release.


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