Nico's studio

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Nico's studio

Post by nurul on 8th April 2009, 17:25

Hi Nico!
have you decided on how much you'll rent your studio for? Smile
i and a couple of friends would like to use it in the next weeks,.. just to dig our memories on how to set up the lights!

let me know,



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Re: Nico's studio

Post by VatiKaki on 14th April 2009, 21:11

Hey Nurul,

The studio is not really meant to be a money-making concern, though I've had some expenses sending lights for repair and purchasing new flash bulbs.

There are two choices - either you let me shoot you and your group and you sign model releases (i.e. I can abuse your pics online Rolling Eyes ), or you can give me QR150 per hour. I will of course be there to help you set up the lights and background and to set your camera for the shoot.

The studio has changed slightly. 2 of my 4 Alien Bees lights have blown and I replaced them with Multiblitz units (from Salam) that seem to be quite high quality and a lot more expensive than the B's. I also moved it to a larger room in my house so there is a bit of space to play with. Backgrounds are white (great isolations!), black, and photographic blue and grey canvas. I also have two softboxes now and a lot of umbrellas - both shoot through and reflective.

Give me a call to arrange a time - 5519714


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