Hi Nick. Its Ren

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Hi Nick. Its Ren

Post by Desert Witch on 16th May 2009, 19:25

Its Ren. Back from Oz.
Bought Canon D50 with 18-200mm lense plus 50mm lense.
Love it to bits. Shamed to say as we only bought it 3 days before we left we stayed on auto for the duration of the hols.
We have just bought Photoshop CS4 (CS3 no longer available in Q it seems) so this is our next learning curve.
A friend of mine is buying the Canon D1000. How does this rate against the (modern version) panasonic equivalent in your opinion?

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Re: Hi Nick. Its Ren

Post by VatiKaki on 19th May 2009, 07:02

Hi Ren! Welcome back. Sorry for the delayed reply - the forum notification system seems to be less than effective...

Congrats with the 50D and the lovely lenses. I am sure you will be extremely satisfied with the results. If you want some hands-on help, just give me a call (5519714) and we can get together for a quick session. It is a shame to shoot this great kit in auto mode!

The new Canon 1000D is an entry level DSLR, competing with the likes of the Nikon D40x and coming in one level under the 450D. I assume you are comparing this with the new Panasonic Lumix GH1? Lumix used to be famous for their high quality optics and I have no doubt that the Lumix lens on the Panasonic manufactured body, is of good quality. The Panasonic is a bit more expensive, and definitely on the higher end of the Panasonic scale.

My experience in using Panasonic equipment is not great, and I will always be biased towards the 'main' manufacturers such as Canon and Nikon. The new Panasonic does look nice though. My only criticism would be that lens options may be limited compared to the Canon. Also, for the price of the Panasonic you can probably get the 450D, which is the next one up in the Canon range (and would be better in my opinion).


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