Photoshop CS4

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Photoshop CS4

Post by Desert Witch on 27th June 2009, 16:09

Hi Nico.
Hope your journey to SA is a good one.

How is your photoshop expertise?

We keep getting an announcement on entering Photoshop that 'GPU enhancements' have been disabled and that we should go to their website to reactivate or something. We are still able to use it but wondering if this may cause us problems at some later point if we continue ignoring it as we have.
What are the 'GPU' thingys they won't let us have and have you ever come across this and I can't find any web site address on the bumpf relating to this type of problem. Help!!!


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Re: Photoshop CS4

Post by VatiKaki on 7th October 2009, 12:35

GPU usually refers to the graphics capabilities of your system. I would imagine the message has something to do with the fact that Photoshop does not recognize your exact model of graphics card and therefore gives the message. It should not be anything to worry about, but if you want, you can try to find the latest driver for the graphics card in your PC.


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