Submitting images for review or critique

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Submitting images for review or critique

Post by Admin on 9th October 2008, 14:08

When you submit an image for review or to get critique, please mention the purpose of the image, i.e. you want to publish it in a book, print it in A0 size to make a poster, or submit it to a micro-stock site.

If you want to submit your image to a stock agency, I will look at the three main technical areas considered by the agencies i.e. sharpness, exposure and noise. I therefore need the following in order to give a reasonable review on your work:

1 - The full image, but reduced in size so that the longest edge is 400 pixels.
2 - A 100% crop of the focus area of your image, also reduced to 400 pixels.
3 - A 100% crop of any area of your image containing a neutral or background colour (such as a blue sky or shadow area), also at 400 pixels on the longest edge.

Sample full image:

Sample sharp area of the above image:

Sample neutral area where you may find noise:

ALL the above must be saved in JPEG maximum quality (12).

Remember that your stock photographs may not contain any logos or trademarks. Review the entire photo at 100% and ensure that it contains no noise or artifacts (due to over-sharpening or contrast/colour adjustments). Also check evenly coloured areas for sensor dust, especially blue skies and usually visible as a round dot that is darker than the surrounding area.

Also keep in mind that all editing should be done in RAW or TIFF files. If you shoot JPEG, you should immediately save the file as a TIFF and only edit on the TIFF. Only once ALL your edits are complete, you save the file as a JPEG quality 12. NEVER re-save a JPEG as you will lose quality and risk a rejection due to artifacts.

If I need to see your full-sized file, I will request you to send it to my email address. Always post to the forum first, based on the above guidelines.


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