Posting images in your thread

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Posting images in your thread

Post by VatiKaki on 9th October 2008, 18:10

While preparing the previous topic, it was not straight forward for my little brain on how to post images. I could not get the three little icons above

to play ball and after much frustration I eventually concluded that the best way is to use, the free image hosting service linked to this forum hosting company (if you use the image tabs above, it somehow opens that site anyway.)

You need to log into servimg (you may be logged in already - it uses the same un and pw as the forum) and there you will find options for uploading your images. Once uploaded, a thumbnail of your image will appear, and underneath the thumbnail you will see two links, 'Original size', and 'Links'.

You click on 'Links' and it will come up with a couple of links:

Just highlight the one next to the arrow above (BBcode - Image), copy the link, and paste it into your post. There is no need to use the forum icons above, except to get to the servimg site.

It should be straight forward - if not, have a beer and try again drunken


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